Welcome to the Pennine Edge Barn Owl Group website.


The Pennine Edge Barn Owl Group was set up at the end of 2006 when a group of interested volunteers got together after a suggestion from the Greater Manchester Biodiversity Officer that a group should be started to encourage Barn Owls back into the area, covering Oldham, Tameside, Rochdale and Stockport.

Historically there are records of Barn Owls in the Oldham and Tameside areas until about 5/10 years ago so we know they are able to live in the area but the main reason for their disappearance is believed to be the lack of nesting sites due to demolition of old buildings and barn conversions which inevitably block up any previously used roosting sites.

Since the group started we have built numerous boxes of varying shapes and sizes to be put up in trees, barns or on telegraph poles to encourage Barn owls to nest. The idea is to create a corridor of suitable nest sites, close to feeding ground for the owls, along the Pennine edge to link up with known populations of Barn Owl.

If you want to know more about us, please visit our Facebook Page: PEBOG Facebook

If you have seen any Barn Owls recently? If so, please let us know via this link: RODIS: Record Data Online Input System


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